Nokia Refocus now available for Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8

Nokia Refocus now available for Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8

Nokia Refocus now supports all Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8 operating system.
Nokia Refocus now available for Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8

Nokia Refocus which was initially available for Lumia Pureview smartphones only, has now been launched for all Lumia smartphones, including Lumia 520. The software was launched in November last year and allows users to take a photo and change its focus at a later date.

According to Jens Eggert, Nokia’s Lead Program Manager for Refocus, the apps release for all Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 devices is meant to show users that their Lumia devices can get better every day.

“Initially available for anyone with a Lumia PureView smartphone, from today the latest Refocus update will allow all Lumia owners sporting Windows Phone 8 to have a piece of the varifocal action,” a recent post on Nokia Conversations reads.

“As we have seen with the great imaging apps like Nokia Camera before, lots of people have been asking for it and we responded. You spoke, we listened. Now anyone that owns a Lumia can enjoy the power and creativity of Nokia Refocus,” said Jens Eggret.

Jens Eggert, Nokia’s Lead Program Manager for Refocus, gives a tip on how to capture the best Refocus shots:

“To create a great Refocus image, move as close as possible to the object nearest you, get that in focus – between five and ten centimeters – and ensure you’ve got something defined in the background. The best advice, however, is experimentation. Just play, it’s fun!”

The Nokia Refocus app comes with a built-in sharing feature with which you can show off your pictures to your friends. People receiving the images don’t need a Lumia smartphone or the Nokia Refocus app to look at your photos or choose their own focal point.


Windows 9 release date set for April 2015



It looks like the anticipated 2015 Windows 8 update, code-named ‘Threshold’, is actually going to be released as a whole new iteration of the operating system. By calling it Windows 9 it looks like Microsoft are hoping to draw a line under Win8 like they did with Vista.

We will still be getting an update to Windows 8.1 this year sometime around April. According to ZDNetthe update will be free and there are some indications that they are looking for ways to “make Windows 8.1 friendlier for mouse and keyboard users.”

They’ll also be introducing Metro 2.0 or Modern UI 2.0, or whatever else they decide to call it, which will allow Win8 apps to be run in windows on the desktop should you so desire.

What will ‘Threshold’ / Windows 9 offer? Well, judging by the change of name to become a new iteration of Microsoft’s PC operating system we can expect they’ll want us to pay for it. If it’s big a revolution as some of the rumours and postulation hints at then it could well be worth the upgrade. Microsoft have hinted that they’re looking to consolidate their operating systems across PC, phone and possibly even console to create a ‘One Microsoft’ ideal and Windows 9 could push us ever closer to that. With PCs and the Xbox One sharing both the same hardware and the same software kernels that might not be such a crazy rumour.